Tech for Good
SEIS and EIS Fund 2
BGV's Tech for Good SEIS and EIS Fund 2 provides investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to high-potential tech for good companies in a diversified portfolio, while benefitting from the advantages of SEIS or EIS tax relief.
How to invest
Complete application form
If you wish to subscribe to the Fund you will need to complete the application form which includes a suitability questionnaire and elective professional client notice.
Confirm identity
Once we have accepted your application we will notify you by email, and ask you to provide us with documents which confirm your identity.
Transfer funds
We will then send you an email with payment details. Funds should be sent by electronic transfer from a bank account in the name of the subscribing investor. We will send you a receipt which confirms your investment.
We invest your funds
The Custodian will write to you within 30 working days of each investment with the transaction details. Your shares will be registered in the name of MNL Nominees Limited, as your nominee. This means you will not need a share certificate.
Claim tax reliefs
Where available the Custodian will send you a SEIS3 or EIS3 Certificate for each company which you can use to claim SEIS and EIS tax relief.
Investment updates
We will provide you with a six-monthly report on your portfolio covering financial, social and environmental performance.
Our target holding period is 7-10 years. Following each investment realisation the cash proceeds net of performance fees will be paid out to investors.
There is no and there can be no guarantee of returns; capital is at risk (see Risk Warnings at Appendix 1 in the Information Memorandum).

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